A daughter’s last words to her father

before his execution in Georgia

Article of 2019 about Tykecia Wilson, the daughter of Marion Wilson Jr.,
who was executed in June 2019 - click here!

Quote: “I love you so much,” she said, breaking into tears and frequent shallow sobs, “and I’m gonna miss you so much, Daddy. I’m gonna miss your hug, your laugh, your touch, your scents, the feel of your hand on mine and you calling me your lamb chop.”

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Finding Forgiveness on Death Row

Cynthia Vaughn whose step-father killed her mother learned to let go after

30 years of anger. She didn't want him to be executed, but the state of Tennessee refused mercy. Donnie Johnson (68) died by lethal injection in May 2019.


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Connect Death Row

Death Row prisoners participating in the project "Connect Death Row" (www.connectdeathrow.org) speak about various subjects - some speak about their children:


Micha'el (55), Florida: I wonder if my daughter dreams of me

Quote: "A daughter was born to me in 1986. A daughter I've not met nore even know her name. I have taken to calling her Cylia. I dream of her. She doesn't have a face... it's being blurred, unknown, unknowable. I wonder if she dreams of me... only knowing me as 'unknown'. That's my name on her birth certificate. Two unknowns to each other."


Polo (28), Texas: The love on the other side of the glass

Quote: "I can still remember the first day when I saw my little son at visitation. He was so small that he couldn't open his eyes all the way yet. I wished I could have reached out to touch and hold him, but it's always a glass that separates us. ... It's sad that we have never been able to touch each other or give each other a hug."